Beningfield Acoustic Guitar made entirely from Douglas County Kansas Wood!

Beningfield guitar, angle view

Beningfield’s all-Douglas County, Kansas wood guitar! Sweet!

Bill Beningfield, a former engineering director for Honeywell, has spent the last several years applying his exacting skills to luthiery – something he says is, “equally precise, but a lot more fun”.  Bill’s been playing music all his life – not just guitar, but also the rare giant Wurlizer theater organs.  He recently stopped by the shop and showed us this amazing acoustic he crafted for John Solbach.  It’s made entirely of wood from the Solbach farm in Stull, Kansas, not far from our store.  It sounds wonderful and looks incredible. The top here is Eastern Red Cedar, with Black Walnut back and sides. The binding is Chinquapin Oak, with a Hedge Apple (Osage Orange) neck and fretboard. The endpin and bridge pins are Hickory. This is a short scale acoustic and Beningfield made it with a wide nut as it was specifically crafted for fingerstyle playing – something Solbach will surely be enjoying on his Douglas County farm…with his Douglas County farm guitar.

Beningfield acoustic guitar, full view

All the wood is from a Douglas County farm in Stull, Kansas!

Beningfield acoustic guitar back view

The Black Walnut back with the Hedge Apple neck

beningfield guitar, headstock

The headstock of Beningfield's #9 guitar

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