April 2011 Mass St Music Staff Picks!

Lots of cool new gear and some great used deals in the store right now…here’s what we’ve been eyeballin’ lately:

John FlynnGrosh ElectraJet VT

My favorite guitar in the shop right now – hands downs. Imagine a fantastic Tele with just a bit more low end glow, and a bit more punch. Dynamically, this EJ VT can not be beat.

Grosh ElectraJet VT

John's into the Grosh ElectraJet VT this month

Jim BaggettCollings OM1 Short Scale & OM1 VN Burst

A great player was trying out a couple of our Collings OMs this weekend and I had a great time playing and listening to the  OM 1 Short Scale and the Om1 VN Sunburst. I guess the short scale should actually be referred to as OOO, as the scale length is the major difference between OMs and OOOs, but Collings labels them as OMs,  so I’ll just get used to it.

The  short scale is quick and really fun to play. The .5 inch scale difference makes for a bit less string tension and also helps my stiff fingers reach notes that are a stretch on the long scale. You can’t push it quite as hard as the OM1 VN, but it is in no way lacking, and sounds great as a solo fingerstyle guitar or backing up fiddle players. I just lighten my pick attack a bit and the guitar sings. The OM 1 VN Burst is just a bit more powerful and robust. It can be picked harder and can definitely respsond. Usually when I spend time with two great guitars, one will stand out. In the case of these two, each excelled at their particular  design characteristics long scale vs. short scale, but were not limited to just that. It was also great hearing a fine guitarist playing both guitars. All the things that I felt while playing the guitars myself were confirmed when I sat out in front and enjoyed the music. I’ll take two!

Collings OM1 Short Scale Acoustic Guitar

Jim can't decide between this Collings OM1 Short Scale...

Collings OM1 VN Burst Acoustic guitar

or this Collings OM1 VN beautiful burst













Tim NelsonEastman AJ616CE

I love these guitars. This AJ616CE is very punchy with a beautiful mid-range.  The arch back makes it unusual and with the value Eastman packs into their instruments, you just might be able to collect them all.

Eastman AJ616CE Acoustic Electric Guitar

Tim's favorite - the Eastman AJ616CE!

Matthew KhomsiPeavey Vypyr 212 combo amp

This amp sounds great and is so versatile!  It has tones of so many different effects and amp mods, not to mention it’s all tube (120 watts!).  Further still, it has a USB out so the amp can be used as a recording interface to record guitar tracks right into your computer.  This amp more than warrants Peavey’s title of  “the most technologically advanced guitar amp” available.

Peavey Vypyr Tube 120 Combo Amplifier

Matthew's pick is an all tube used bargain

Alek NelsonYamaha APX500 OVS

This guitar is great!  I have put it in a lot musicians hands, and I always get good feedback.  It has a body depth of less than four inches and it just feels good. The APX500 boasts a revamped version of the System55T preamp, a 1-way piezo pickup system that comes with a 3-band EQ and built-in tuner, and at $299 you can’t beat it.

Yamaha APX500 OVS Acoustic Electric Guitar

Alek's digging this Yamaha acoustic electric

Mike Horan, Repair ShopCollings OM1A Cutaway

My current favorite OM in the store – Wow! Even with the cutaway, this guitar is loud for its size. Great bass response with a clear high-end, this guitar has it all. A fingerpicker’s dream, it also sings with a flatpick.

Collings OM1A Cutaway Acoustic Guitar

Our shop manager Mike Horan's favorite this month

Mike Runyon, Repair ShopEastman AC512 CE

Big value and small bucks on this one. This 512 sounds great acoustically or plugged in with its Fishman pickup system. It has a handy volume control in the sound hole too. I’m consistently impressed with Eastman instruments.

Eastman AC512CE Acoustic Guitar with a pickup

Runyon says he's impressed with this Eastman AC512CE

Isaac FlynnKorg MicroKORG Synth

The MicroKORG is full of some classic synth sounds, and I could spend hours just messing around on this thing. For all you hipsters, this is the synth for you!

Korg Micro Korg Synth

We had to peel this out of Isaac's hands, he likes it so much.

Jesse RobertsAlesis Micron

Small and mighty, I personally own this synth, and I love it. It’s interface is quick and simple to navigate, and its sounds and textures are easy to manipulate and make your own. Great on stage or in the studio. Analog-modeling greatness in a compact, transportable design.


Alesis Micron synth

Jesse prefers this Alesis Micron. We might have to have a synth off with Jesse & Isaac

Anne Tangeman LsL T-Bones

I’m not personally a big fan of relic’d guitars, though I can certainly appreciate the work and playability of some, but these LsLs are something else. I’m not even talking about the relic’ing here . These are incredibly, incredibly lightweight yet seriously sustain for days. Every bit of this is handmade from the vintage sounding pickups to the necks and super light nitro lacquer finishes which also help with the great sound. If you’re a tele fan, these T-Bones have that vintage something-something in spades.

LSL T Bone electric guitar - Carole

The LsL T-Bones are cool neuvo vintage rockers!

ChuchoLevy’s Brown Leather Guitar Strap

Chucho doesn’t really play guitar, so he doesn’t need a strap, but if he did, this would be his favorite. He particularly likes how rugged this strap is and how it can stand up to wear, tear and the occasional chomping on by a dog such as himself.

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