The Drake Bass!

the front of the Drake electric bass

The Drake 'Rita' Bass!

A good friend of the store tipped off Matthew K here to check out Drake Basses – “You’ve gotta check ’em out, they’re the best I’ve ever played,” he said. Matthew, being a total bass-head, checked Drake out and we ended up ordering one for the store. The Drake Rita Bass arrived just a few days ago, and we peeled it out of Matthew’s hands long enough to photograph it and even had the repair shop take a gander at Andrew Drake’s luthiery work. Fans of Warwick and Alembic basses will find these Drakes to be almost a hybrid of the two, yet really on a whole new level. If you’re into rock, jazz, funk or just about any genre, we think you’ll find this to be a really great new, hand crafted line.

closeup of Drake electric bass back

Josh loves the design, a subtle illusion of a neck through

The build is fantastic, resulting in a super comfortable bass that plays incredibly well. Josh in our repair shop said, “This plays really great with low action – plus Drake has a great eye for design. I love how the center wedge of the body matches the taper of the neck instead of a block. It’s a nice, congruent design that gives the illusion of a neck through.”

There are lots of things to love about this hand crafted bass – the organic style which is a result of Drake using elegant, resonant woods finished with a hand-rubbed oil varnish. Tonally, it’s spectacular – clean but not overly cutting, and not muddy at all. “It’s like the best J bass you’ve ever played,” Matthew said, “Really nicely balanced too.” For the price, and all the craftsmanship that has gone into them, we think Andrew Drake and his incredible bass creations are one to watch and we’re proud to have them at Mass Street Music.

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