New TC Electronic Compact Effects Pedals bring studio quality to the stage


TC Electronic Flashback Delay guitar effects pedal

It goes to 11! No, really, it does...

Just this week we received our first batch of TC Electronic’s new compact effects pedals and after giving them each a spin, we can honestly say we’re totally impressed! TC has long been known for impeccable studio and high end pedals, and they’ve thankfully put live players at the forefront with these compact powerhouses – and at competitive prices. The TC Electronic Flashback Delay is one of our favorites…this gives you a truly dazzling variety of delays to choose from, with stereo in/out, true bypass and more. It also doubles as a looper, and you can set the tempo by simply strumming, plus a there’s a toggle to completely hone in on exactly what you want.  This is a really innovative delay with 11 types – yes it ‘goes to 11!’ Technically 10, with the 11th being TC’s very cool TonePrint which opens up a whole new world – just hook up the pedal to your computer with a usb cable, go to TC’s site and download a preset from a variety of artists – Steffen Schackinger’s or Doug Aldrich’s for the Flashback, John Petrucci’s for the Vibrato, Orianthi’s for the Corona Chorus and tons more.

TC Electronic Hall of Fame reverb guitar effects pedal

"By far, one of the best reverb pedals under $200..."

The TC Hall of Fame Reverb was another that really grabbed our attention – our own Matthew K said of it, “Extremely versatile, its reverb settings are all distinctly different. The stereo output is great, well worth it, and makes the sound that much cooler.” It offers 10 types of reverb that are super easy to tweak and hone to your exact needs, plus it has the killer TonePrint for even more customizations and artist presets, easily accessed through your computer and TC’s site. This Hall of Fame can really cover a lot of bases no matter your playing style. Ambient, overly saturated reverb just flourishes here but it’s equally perfect for those wanting something very subtle. Great pedal.

TC’s Corona Chorus brings an impressive array of chorus possibilities, again, easily tweaked to just what you need. It also offers true bypass, stereo in/out and the amazing TonePrint in addition to everything from a little shimmer to a speeded up Leslie, major swirl and more. Speed, Depth, F/X and Tone controls let you quickly hone it all to perfection. We’re also expecting the MojoMojo Overdrive and (Matthew can’t wait to get his hands on this one…) the Dark Matter Distortion any day now.


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