March 2011 Mass St Music Staff Picks!

We’ve got some great and inexpensive used gear in the store right now plus a lot of great new items…here’s what we’ve been crushing on this month:

black Demeter Fuzzulator guitar effects pedal

One of John's picks - he gets two since he's the boss.

John FlynnDemeter Fuzzulator Pedal

This is one of the best fuzz pedals out there. It’s an extremely musical pedal, and great to play. And…

John FlynnK&K Dual Twin Mando Pickup

Most natural mando pickup I’ve ever heard. No wonder our shop installs so many.


1952 Gibson L7 acoustic archtop guitar

Tim's fave

Tim Nelson Gibson 1952 L7

This guitar exudes cool. It sounds incredible – probably the best L7 I’ve ever heard.


Collings F Style mandolin

Jim's pick 'o the month

Jim BaggettCollings MF Gloss Top Mandolin

Simply beautiful sound on this and superb build – wonderful instrument.


black gallien kreuger bass amplifier combo

Compact powerhouse!

Matthew KhomsiGallien-Krueger MB 112 Bass Combo

This amp packs a punch! It’s super lightweight, compact, and sounds better than most of its competitors. It’s the perfect small gig/practice amp for any style of bass playing. I’d imagine upright bassists would enjoy this too. GK is once again delivering the goods at a killer price!


Fender Mustang II guitar amplifier

Alek's pick offers classic amp sounds plus easy customizations

Alek NelsonFender Mustang Amps

There are a lot of small solid state amps that offer a lot of effects and mods, but I really like the classic amp mods on this Fender Mustang – it’s really easy to use with just dialing in Fender ’63 Reverb or ’65 Princeton, British ’70s, or just about anything you like, plus a lot of effects are included. It’s pretty amazing. Built in tuner too.


Gretsch Junior Jet I electric guitar

Mad scientist Matt came up with a brilliant way to make this great (and inexpensive) guitar even better

Matt HarmonModded Gretsch Junior Jet with Fralin Dogear P90

This month I’ve picked two products that with a little tweaking up here in the shop will come out to an even more awesome budget guitar. It’s not completed just yet, but check this out. First we start with the Gretsch Junior Jet I (Classic sunburst). This guitar’s street price was $325 and now is $239! (NOTE: as of May 2011 this guitar is back at $325, sorry folks). Next is a Lindy Fralin Stock Dog Ear P90. These are hands down my favorite P90 on the market, and with a little routing this pickup installed on the Gretsch Junior Jet will make a unbelievable combo.  Adding these in )Fralin P90 $90 + Route/Install $100) = even cooler rocking guitar).


Shure headphones

The cream of the crop

Josh BaldridgeShure SRH750DJ Headphones

I compared these to some less expensive headphones in the $50 range last night. After listening for a couple hours to various styles of music I was really impressed with the audio the Shure headphones gave. The frequency response is broader than most headphones and it comes out in the lows and highs. The bass reproduction is full and unique to the recorded source (other models seem to boost the bass in a one-dimensional manner), and the lows surround you more than the highs. Highs are clear, well articulated, and come right at you. The separation in frequency response allows you to pick out much more of the music too.

TC Electronics Hall of Fame Reverb Effects Pedal

Brand new and one of the coolest reverbs we've ever used

Isaac FlynnTC Electronic Hall of Fame Reverb Pedal

This pedal is unbelievably versatile and the reverb sounds so natural. The tone knob is what really makes this pedal great. It, in a way, serves as and eq. With the tone rolled off you get luscious low verbs, and with it turned up, the high decays really come out. I’ll be adding one of these to my board soon.


63 Reissue Hofner Bass

Light, super cool player and ffffretless!

Jesse RobertsHofner Fretless Bass (used)

Being fretless further adds to the seemingly infinite “smooth” this bass already has. Sounds like an upright, looks amazing, and plays easy. I’ve liked this bass from the day it walked in the door.


Eastman AC312 acoustic guitar

Pick it up and you will not want to put this one down- guaranteed

Anne TangemanEastman AC312

I love this acoustic and it really is a great price for the quality and sound it delivers. I love the slightly smaller body, it’s super comfortable. It doesn’t lose a thing in sound though it’s not as wide as a dread – still balanced with a nice volume. Solid Sitka top, solid Mahogany and nice details. Great guitar. On the electric side, I have to second Matt H’s idea of the Fralin in the Gretsch. While the Junior Jet sounds great with its own Gretsch hums, I can’t wait to hear the Fralin P90 in there. I’m doing the same to my old Gretsch Junior Jet II – mine is black, but this is the same model. I’m subbing in two Fralin P-90s – watch out!


Brothers in Moab CD

Rocking the old time gospel classics - cool CD from some of our own MSM folks

ChuchoBrothers In Moab CD

Chucho has been checking out the cool old-timey gospel sounds of the Brothers In Moab (Mass Street’s own Jesse Braswell Roberts, John and Isaac Flynn, Jim Barnes and even a guest vocal performance by our favorite cookie maker, Jami Flynn). It’s classic stuff and some very nice playing.

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