Gretsch Junior Jet mod with Fralin Dogear P-90!

Gretsch Junior Jet I electric guitar with Fralin P-90 pickup

How cool is this!?

It’s finished! And we can tell you it sounds even better than we expected. This was our repair shop mad scientist Matt Harmon‘s pick for March – he took¬† an already very cool sounding Gretsch Junior Jet I ((NOTE – WAS on sale at $239 when this article was written, but sorry folks, it’s at MAP at $325 now) and swapped out the Gretsch mini hum with a Fralin Dogear P-90. It wasn’t just a swap-out actually, as it required some routing, tweaking, and pickguard reconfiguring, but the result is an absolutely killer Junior Jet I, hot-rodded with a Fralin and sonically fantastic.¬† It looks pretty dang cool too, eh? This was so cool it sold, plus our own boss, John Flynn has signed up for one too, which Matt is working on now. We have just a few more of these sale Gretsch guitars left – if you want to know more or know you need one too, give us call at 1-800-747-9980 while we still have ’em. I’m having Matt do the same to my Junior Jet II.

Gretsch Junior Jet I with Fralin P-90 pickup

Oh yes.


Gretsch Junior Jet I with Fralin P-90 pickup - super close up

check the sweet pickguard work - Matt did an amazing job on this!

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