February 2011 Staff Picks!!!

When not shoveling snow or basking in the 60 degree weather here in Lawrence, Kansas  (both this month!), here’s the gear we’ve had our eyes on most here at Mass Street Music!

Grosh ElectraJet Standard guitar in black

An ingredient in Flynn's recipe for contentment

John FlynnGrosh ElectraJet Standard

Underrated and a great value. Give me a Grosh EJ with P90s, an AC Booster and a Boss DD-20 and a Tungsten Crema Wheat  and I could be perfectly content.  We’re getting the  Tungsten Crema Wheat amp in any day – Imagine the best Black Face Princeton you’ve ever heard, but capable of more volume and handles pedals better and you get an idea of what this one can really do.  I’ve been using one for a month now and it is amazing.  Great headroom with a medium touch, but dig in and it gives way perfectly. If you want it to break up sooner, sub in 6V6s and/or get the Scumback speaker. More Deluxe vibe. These are really hard to get (due in any day at Mass St.) and spot outstanding reviews and I know why.

Taylor 614 CE Acoustic guitar

'Crisp and clear!'

Tim NelsonTaylor 614CE

So clear and crisp, it is perfect for fingerstyle. It plays incredibly well, is very well made, and is beautiful. Plus with the Expression System pickup, it’s ready to plug in and play.

Vintage Martin K3 Soprano Ukulele

Surf's up! Details on this are really unique and very cool

Jim BaggettMartin Vintage K3 Soprano Uke

Beautiful detailing and wonderful sound.

Xotic EP Booster Pedal

Tiny and essential

Matthew KhomsiXotic EP Booster

It is hard to believe this tiny pedal can make such a humongous difference!  If you have a Mesa and Marshall head that just doesn’t quite get the thick rock tone you’re dreaming of, try this pedal out.  Even if you think you’re getting the tone you want, I would highly recommend this pedal.  You won’t be disappointed.

JHS Angry Charlie pedal

Grrrr - JHS's Angry Charlie pedal

Alek NelsonJHS Angry Charlie Pedal

The gain knob has an unbelievable range of overdrive to heavy grind and the tone knob has a solid range unlike a lot of distortions on the market. The angry Charlie is versatile, well rounded and has awesome tone that makes me very happy!

MXR Classic 108 Fuzz pedal

Just about everyone in the store is loving this one

Matt HarmonRepair ShopMXR Fuzz Classic 108

I’ve been on a fuzz kick this past month. This fuzz is widely praised throughout the store and lives up the hype. It’s a great sounding pedal that comes at a good price.

Squier Classic Vibe 60s Jazz Bass

Inexpensive, great player and nice 'classic vibe'

Isaac FlynnSquier Classic Vibe 60s Jazz Bass

Great build quality, very cool feel and sounds great.

Bart Reiter Round Peak banjo

it's a Bart Reiter!

Jesse RobertsBart Reiter Round Peak Banjo

Bart Reiter Round Peak Banjo – it’s a Bart Reiter! Excellent instrument, plays well with a great sound.

Collings 290 Electric in TV Yellow with Bigsby

Collings...290, TV Yellow, Bigsby...need I say more?

Anne TangemanCollings 290 with Bigsby

This is easily one of the coolest guitars I’ve seen.

Green Alpine mandolin gig bag

Good for an F or an A, and super durable

ChuchoAlpine Mando Gig Bag

Durable, versatile (fits F or A style mandos), lots of pockets and rugged enough to take a day of being chewed on by me.

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