January Staff Picks!!!

We’ve got a lot of great new gear in the store as well as some really cool vintage and used gear as well. Here’s what we’ve had our eyes on lately at Mass Street Music:

Seuf OF-19 reliced strat style guitar

Flynn and Matt Harmon both give the Seuf OF-19 a big thumbs up!

John FlynnSeuf OF-19

Simply incredible strat in every aspect and Dave’s relic job is second to none. This guitar is a pure player at a great price.

Repair ShopMatt HarmonSeuf OF-19

The body is one of the best relic jobs I’ve ever seen. The level of detail in the trem cavity shows he really pays attention to details. It’s  a great feeling strat style guitar.

A Style Eastman MD505 CL mandolin

One of the best deals in the store right now.

Tim NelsonEastman MD505CS

I am always amazed at the quality found in the Eastman line. If you are considering picking up mandolin you would be hard pressed to find a better deal than the MD505. You get nice solid woods, nice hardware including a cast tailpiece and Schaller tuning machines. The lacquer finish is polished to a nice high gloss. The MD505 comes with a hybrid style hard case. The 5 series Eastman mandolins are, in my opinion the perfect balance of nice high end features and value.

Collings SJ acoustic guitar

Another beauty from Collings! Gorgeous German Spruce top on this SJ

Jim BaggettCollings SJ German Spruce Acoustic

Beautiful full sound, gorgeous instrument.

Pete Cornish P-2 pedal

Hands down, this Cornish P-2 is one of the very best.

Matthew KhomsiCornish P-2 Pedal

If you want the same tone as the big dogs like Pink Floyd and McCartney then you need this pedal.  Of course, there are other variables such as your amp/guitar, but this pedal gets anything from the smoothest overdrive you’ve heard to a more gainy, attack-oriented tone.  This is the best overdrive pedal out there and completely worth the hefty tag.

Eastman AC512CE acoustic electric guitar

Alek's favorite this month

Alek Nelson – Eastman AC512CE Acoustic

This guitar sounds great – it’s super responsive to even the lightest touch. I can’t believe how nicely appointed the instrument is for the price. The wood bindings and rosette look awesome.

Repair ShopJosh BaldridgeLindy Fralin SP43 Bridge Pickup

I really like its high output yet midrangey lead pickup sound for a strat.  Goes great with Fralin’s Blues Special Neck and Blues Special Middle pickup too.

JHS Lime Aid Bass Compressor Effects Pedal

Isaac's pick!

Isaac FlynnJHS Lime Aid Bass Compressor Pedal

The bassist in my band tried this out the other day and we were blown away. On our site the pedal is described as an “Enhancer”.  Enhancer is definitely the best way to describe it.  It took his bass rig to the next level, and I cannot wait to see how it sound sounds in the studio.

Gretsch electric Junior Jet I guitar

Inexpensive and very cool LP Junior vibe

Anne TangemanGretsch Junior Jet I

Mahogany body, one mini humbucker that doesn’t sound very mini at all and a very cool Les Paul Jr  vibe to it. Nice low price too – it’s a cheap real rocker that sounds and plays great.

Translucent Griffith guitar pick

Cows and picks...two great things that go great together

Jesse RobertsGriffith Pick – I love picks, and I love all things cow. Therefore my pick is Griffith Picks. These handmade dandies are crafted by Lawrence native Dave Griffith, from the hooves of cattle. They have a nice and sturdy play about them, which is what you might expect given the material. Cowboy songs, here I come.

guitar strap black with tiny red skulls

Chucho –  Tiny Skulls Guitar Strap

Chucho says this not only looks super cool, but it’s sturdy enough to withstand him gnawing on it.  Nice.

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