The Sentanel – Acoustic Sound Monitor

The 'warrior shield' is really a brilliant acoustic sound monitor - pretty cool looking too

This crazy contraption is really pretty ingenious…Jim met up with the creator at Winfield this year and that’s how, what we like to call the ‘warrior shield’, wound up in our acoustic room. It’s actually called The Sentanel. It’s an ingenious and natural acoustic sound monitor. It’s also beautifully crafted from wood, and mounted on a sturdy tripod/speaker stand. Just sit in front of it and play and you’ll really get a nice taste of what your guitar and playing sounds like to others. It’s become a regular stop off point in our acoustic room for folks as they try out various guitars.

A minimalist's approach to describing how the Sentanel works - but yeah, this is how it play in front of it and your sound comes back to you. Nice!

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