The Art House Studio Recording Workshop

Lawrence’s The Art House, of which several Mass St Music folks are involved with, will be hosting a very cool “Nuts & Bolts of True Studio Recording” Workshop on Sat. & Sun. Dec. 4 & 5.¬† If you have an interest in studio recording and want to learn hands on, this is a great opportunity. Art House engineers Jim Barnes and Isaac Flynn will be leading the session.

From The Art House:

“We will be doing an actual recording from the ground up with a live band. We will go from the initial set-up to a final mix and everything in between. This will be an intense session designed to teach fundamentals that build great recordings as well as avoiding common mistakes that can create irreversible problems. Topics include: Efficient Setup, Mic-ing Techniques, Headphone Mixing, Recording the basic tracks right the first time, Over Dubbing, Vocal Recording, Rough Mixing, Final Mixing…and much more.”

Cost for the two day intensive is $275. Please contact Matt Christenot at or our own esteemed John Flynn at or Isaac  Flynn at for more info and payment details.

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