November Staff Picks!!!

Lots of amazing gear in the store right now including some killer vintage mandos, ukes and brand new Blue Chip Picks (read on for Mike’s take on these).  Here’s what we’ve been ogling lately:

Saticoy electric guitar

'Ruby', our first LsL Saticoy!

John FlynnLsL Saticoy
This is an amazing guitar on all counts!

collings D1V Sunburst Custom acoustic guitar

Tim's pick for November

Tim NelsonCollings D1V SB Custom
We have been ordering more Sitka topped Collings guitars again. Sitka has a nice warm quality and is a great all around wood to make guitar tops out of. Sitka has an excellent strength to weight ratio and is extremely stable. We’ve been ordering these guitar without the tongue brace, among a few other features, and are looking for a very specific sound. These features contribute to a surprisingly open sounding guitar. This guitar has a mature quality to the sound and feels far less stiff than a lot of new guitars. The Collings 1 style sunburst is just stunning, so the guitar not only sounds great but it is beautiful. The vintage now neck profile is very comfortable, the wider spacing makes the guitar suitable for a lot of different playing styles and I think the wider neck could contribute to more sustain.  The mid range on this guitar is outstanding.  CLICK BELOW READ ALL OUR STAFF PICKS…

1930s Gibson L-oo acoustic guitar

Jim's pick: this vintage '30s L-oo

Jim BaggettGibson L-00
This vintage (late 30s) guitar is just plain cool!

Matthew KhomsiMartin Lifespan Acoustic Strings
I put a set of the light phosphor bronze on my Eastman and I absolutely love them. They have an articulate tone and good feel. To put it simply, these are the best extended life strings out there.

Gorsh ElectraJet mustard yellow

Isaac's got a hankering for this Grosh EJVT

Isaac FlynnGrosh ElectraJet VT
This guitar would be the perfect compliment for my EJ Standard. I’ve been wanting a tele style guitar, and when I saw this one, my mouth hit the ground. This Grosh is stunning, and like every Grosh, it is so easy to play.

Alek NelsonFender Mustang II Amp
Great sound and so many built-in effects at a great price.

used Grosh RC in case

Even the case is cool

Anne Tangemanused Grosh Retro Classic
This thing is really slick. It feels great, is pristine and looks super sharp with the Birdseye neck, pearl pickguard and slate finish.

Blue Chip pick TAD50

Worth the money? Yes!!!

Mike Horan, Repair Shop Manager – Blue Chip Picks
These are longer wearing than tortoise picks, better sounding, more consistent and you know, not illegal. It’s nice that you can try several sizes out here in the store and decide for yourself. I like the TAD50, which was surprisingly different (though visually similar) from the CT55 – one main difference is the bevel, but it really gives more high end definition to the CT55. I was really surprised!

Mike Runyon, Repair Shop – Kyser Humidifier
Now’s the time to remember these – we see a lot of repairs because folks don’t use them.

Matt Harmon, Repair Shop – J Design 112 Cab with Greenback
Love the Greenback in this and it’s a great price.

stanton T.62 B turntable

Josh is rockin' the grooves once again

Josh Baldridge, Repair Shop – Stanton T.62 B Turntable
I finally bought a new turntable and it’s easily the best one I’ve owned!

ChuchoGift Cards!
Great for gifting, great for chewing on!

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