LsL Guitars – Vintage Perfection for Modern Times

LsL electric guitar Saticoy

The LsL Saticoy 'Ruby', with a minimal relic job

Mass St Music is thrilled to let you know we’re now carrying LsL Guitars. Hand crafted by Lance Lerman and his small band of luthiers in California, these guitars are serious perfection for vintage fans or really anyone seeking an amazing sounding guitar that plays like buttah. Really.  And to top it off, these are  priced hundreds of dollars less than many custom shop guitars.  Lerman does it all with these, from fully crafting the necks and bodies right down to winding the incredible pickups in-house.  His knowledge of vintage instruments shows in every detail and shines when you plug these in.  LsL came to attention when folks played his T-Bone tele style guitars and were amazed by the tone. He’s now branched out and added Saticoy strat style guitars and they are just as sweet. And each one is truly unique – these are crafted from amazing woods, one of our favorites being Sugar Pine which gives serious sustain while remain incredibly lightweight – the Saticoy “Ruby” we just received is a mere 6 pounds 6 oz, but can sustain for days.  Nitrocellulose lacquer finishes on these too.  Also Lerman’s relic jobs are spot on.  The Ruby has a ‘minimal’ relic job with just the right amount of neck wear to make it feel like it’s been your main squeeze for the past 20 years, and light finish checking that rivals KC’s incredible Dave Seuferling — it’s all done really tastefully and is not over the top.  Lerman knows what he is doing from top to bottom on these instruments and we couldn’t be happier to add to them to our line up.

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