October Staff Picks!!

Wow, where did the month go? Next thing you know it’ll be time for turkey. Here’s the goodies we’ve been eyeballing this month…


Grosh Small Block 327 Zebra pickups!

John FlynnGrosh Small Block 327 Pickups

Whether driving it full on or backing it off to clean up your sound, it’s perfect. Rich and punchy with a sweet top end that just makes it a pure joy to play. The Grosh Small Block 327 Zebra Humbucker is best in class!

colling acoustic guitar

Jim's favorite this month, the Collings OM2H VN Custom

Jim BaggettCollings OM2H VN Custom

An outstanding instrument with superior resonance.

Collings acoustic with sunburst finish

Tim's pick, the Collings OM1 VN Burst

Tim NelsonCollings OM1 VN Burst

This guitar is amazing. It is super responsive and alive. The guitar is very warm with a well developed low end response. It is a nice guitar for any style and it holds up great under a pick. The sunburst is gorgeous.  CLICK TO READ MORE PICKS—>

Fender P Bass Guitar

Matthew's favorite

Matthew KhomsiAmerican Deluxe P Bass

The new N3 noiseless Jazz bass pickup in the bridge position really opens up the depth of tone on this bass. The active/pass switch is a nice touch and the passive tone knob offers yet another option making this one of the most versatile basses on the market.  Two note chords sounds absolutely monstrous on this bass!  I love the 18 volt on-board preamp this bass has.  To top it off I just love a black pick guard on a sunburst finish.  I’ve been playing one of these basses for 4 years now and I wish mine had the new N3.

Fender Geddy Lee Bass Guitar in sunburst finish

The classic Geddy Lee J Bass now in a cool burst finish too

Jason JonesFender Geddy Lee J Bass

This is a great sounding and great playing bass, now available in an awesome looking new color!

Repair Shop: Josh BaldridgeFishman Matrix Natural I Acoustic Pickup

Marketed by Martin as the Thinline Gold Pickup, this Fishman made product has been the go-to system for many gigging musicians over the past 15 years.  The Matrix line of pickups are some of the most easy to use in any situation. Recently Fishman has come out with the next generation Matrix Infinity model and discontinued this one.  We still have a few left and are blowing them out for $105.  It is an active(i.e. battery operated) pickup that uses an under saddle piezo element run through a jack mounted preamp. Lately a few people ask specifically for the Matrix Natural 1 that they know and love.  This has been one of our best selling pickups for a long time so we are sad to see it go the way of the Dodo.  Installation is easy if you already have an existing pickup with the same inputs.  This requires a reamed endpin and a hole in the saddle slot. Our repair shop does this installation for $65.  If your instrument does not have the inputs already, we highly recommend professional installation for those who have not done this procedure before.

Cover of Martin acoustic Lifespan strings

Isaac's latest discovery

Isaac FlynnMartin Lifespan Acoustic Strings

These new Martin strings are indestructible and sound great. Nice options for coated string fans.

Black Sparkle finish Grosh Electric guitar


Anne TangemanGrosh ElectraJet – Black Mini Sparkle

Holy Moly! This is a beauty with a hot rodded engine. I love this guitar.

ChuchoRuff! Ruff ruff!

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