Dr. Z’s New Z-Wreck Amp!

New Dr Z Z Wreck amp

The new Z-Wreck pictured here with the latest Grosh EJ

The new Z-Wreck is like the most killer Vox AC-30  you’ve ever heard- this is it.  Incredible punch and clarity but with smooth breakup. This is really amazing. Plus it’s the best looking amp of all time. Nice one  Z! – John Flynn

Check out the Doc’s video of Brad Paisley putting the Wreck through its paces. Read more about the Wreck on Z’s site.

Z Wreck Amp and Cab

"Best looking amp of all time!" - Flynn

This particular Z Wreck was here for about two minutes before it got snatched up, but we’ve got more on the way!  Questions? Just shoot us an email.

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