September Staff Picks!!!

A lot of great gear has come in lately including new Fenders, gorgeous Collings and some vintage gems. Here’s what we at Mass St. Music been drooling over lately in the store:

grosh baritone electric

The Grosh Baritone - so cool that 2 staff members chose it!

John FlynnGrosh Baritone
Not only is this an absolutely incredible sounding guitar but the way Don shortened the number of frets to allow the neck to be in a position that feel more like a traditional guitar makes it so comfortable to play. No question the best baritone electric I have ever seen or played.

Specially designed Collings OM2H VN

The OM2H VN, one of several Collings custom ordered by our owner Jim for the ultimate in resonance

Jim BaggettCollings OM2H VN Custom
One of the custom designed Collings Jim ordered, based on his knowledge of vintage acoustics  – this uses no tongue, Adirondack bracing and some other structural details that we believe give this even better resonance and sound.

1995 Taylor GA-WS acoustic

This 1995 Taylor is Tim's pick of the month - one of only 150 made!

Tim NelsonTaylor GA-WS Limited
I have always felt like Walnut was a real sleeper in our industry. It looks fantastic, it’s very stable, and it’s sustainable. It sounds like East Indian Rosewood with a little more clarity, especially in the low end. This guitar, having been built in 1995, has opened up nicely. I also like the fact this is a limited edition, with only 150 of these built. It’s a nice opportunity…to own a little piece of Taylor’s history.

grosh electrajet standard electric guitar

Brian's favorite is this killer EJ Standard!

Brian SodenGrosh ElectraJet Standard
Simple yet HIGHLY effective rock machine.  This guy sports the new 327 model humbucker in the bridge position…and it KILLS!  It has a nice bite to it with just the right amount of sparkle.  I plugged this guitar into our Germino Classic 45 LV combo for a go and the resonant alder body seemed to vibrate like an acoustic guitar as I had the amp cranked up.  Just a sweet guitar all around.  Sweet!

Matthew KhomsiGrosh Baritone
Unbelievably resonant.  This is the funnest baritone I have ever played.  I kid you not when I say you can feel the acoustic resonance on this instrument as if it were an acoustic guitar.  Also, the way Don engineered this instrument it’s neck length is deceiving in that it plays more like a regular 6-string due to the bridge placement.  In short, you have a wonderful instrument, crafted to perfection, that can really spice up those creative energies.

fender american deluxe strat

Jason gives the upgrades on the new Fender Am Deluxe Strat a thumbs up!

Jason JonesFender American Deluxe Strat
Here at long last! This Fender American Deluxe Strat has been on order for months, and has finally arrived. A number of aesthetic (cool new finishes, etc.) and practical (compound radius, etc.) upgrades have been utilized in the new Deluxes to make a precision built, professional instrument. All and all an incredible buy at $1499.

Fender Blacktop Telecaster

The Fender Blacktop Tele! Tele + humbuckers = rock machine

Isaac FlynnFender Blackout Tele
I’m a big fan of the Fender Blacktop Tele. I love a tele that can rock, and this one definitely can with its two humbuckers. The fact that these humbuckers can be split to sound like a single coil strat also excites me. Above all else, I’m most excited about the price of this Tele. Only $449!

fender blacktop stratocaster in sonic blue

Crank it up - this strat is the best deal in the store in my book

Anne TangemanFender Blacktop Strat
This guitar is so cool, at a killer price for all that you’re getting. Made in Mexico, loaded with humbuckers, cool finishes…it’s a real rocker, sleek and a lot of fun to play. Fender done good with this one.

fender blacktop jaguar in silver finish

Mike R in the Repair Shop gives this new Fender Blacktop Jag an A+++

Repair Shop: Mike RunyonFender Blacktop Jaguar
I’ve always loved this body style. Love it even more with the 2 humbuckers, simple 3 way selector, volume and tone Couldn’t believe it when I checked the price tag…less than $500??

ChuchoHohner Kazoo!
His favorite chew toy next to cardboard! Makes noise while he’s nibbling it!

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