New Fender Hot Rod Series III – Deluxe & DeVille Review

New Fender Hot Rod Deluxe delivers even better classic sound!

Fender has hit it out of the park on these new Hot Rod III series amps!  First thing worth noting is the new speaker on the Fender Hot Rod Deluxe and 2×12 Fender Hot Rod Deville models.  The Celestion 80 GP12P-80 gives this amp a tighter low end, which is great for higher gain settings so it doesn’t get flabby.  This speaker addition also adds a nice richness and sparkle to these amps.  Cleans are more reminiscent of old blackface Fender tones.  The new footswitch Fender includes is built quite a bit better than the previous model.  It’s overbuilt with all metal casing and a stiff rubber material for its sides instead of plastic.  You can toss this thing around in your gear cases for years and have no problems! All around, Fender made great improvements on an already killer amp line. – Brian S.

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