August Staff Picks!!!

Tough to choose just one item per person this month as we’ve got a lot of great new and used gear in the store…some new Gretsch solid bodies, some stellar Collings with custom appointments that will appeal to vintage enthusiasts, and some crazy, inexpensive used guitars like this inexpensive Kent. But below you’ll find our picks for August, the cream o’ the crop in our opinion…take a gander:

Anderson Bulldog solid body guitar, trans Amber burst color

Talk about a flame Maple top! This Bulldog is killer.

John FlynnAnderson Bulldog

Amazing! This is an outstanding instrument on all counts.

Collings D1ASB Varnish Burst finish acoustic dread, front view

The best of the best

Jim BaggettCollings D1ASB Varnish

This is a great guitar!

Back view of Brazilian Rosewood on Collings D2HBaaaA acoustic guitar


Tim NelsonCollings D2HBaaaA Brazilian

This is a really outstanding guitar. It’s well balanced and good and loud, making it a perfect dreadnought for flatpicking. The Brazilian is about as straight as you will find on modern guitar.

front close up view of Martin GPCPA1 acoustic electric guitar

This Martin GPCPA1 is a great player and made for performing!

Matthew KhomsiMartin GPCPA1

This newly designed Martin guitar will really make Taylor fans second guess themselves.  The neck on it is very user-friendly and a joy to play.  The body is reminiscent of a Taylor Grand Auditorium, but the depth in tone is marvelous and will effortlessly please the traditional Martin enthusiast.

the Germino Club 40 Style II 212 guitar amplifier

Brian's new favorite amp

Brian SodenGermino Club 40 Style II 212 Combo

Being a huge fan of The Black Crowes, Gov’t Mule and Allman Brothers, I can’t help but make this amp my employee pick for August.  It’s pure roots rock/classic rock bliss.  This new Style II cab Greg offers just has something special going on with it.  I told Greg that last week and he totally agreed with me.  It’s like the fairy of killer amps came by and sprinkled pixie dust on it!  Absolutely not problem getting that famous Duane Allman howling sustain and Warren Haynes grind.  Plus, cleans up nicely with a surprising amount of sparkle!

top view of Wilcox pedal steel with playing card graphic inlays

Snazzy Wilcox pedal steel

Jason JonesWilcox SD10 Pedal Steel

Great player, very cool looking too – a great opportunity to get a solid pedal steel.

off center looking body of the Yamaha Flying Samurai electric guitar

Super cool but I'm not seeing the samurai here...

Isaac FlynnYamaha Flying Samurai

It’s incredibly cool, and it plays great for a $250 guitar. The neck and head stock would also serve as a great hockey stick if I ever quit playing guitar.

Sleek looking red, double cutaway body of Gretsch Corvette electric


Anne TangemanGretsch Corvette

Seriously sleek guitar, killer sound, with a Bigsby, at a nice price.  I LOVE this guitar!

EP Booster with pez dispenser in back and tennis shoe on top to show small size

That's Brian's Pez dispenser in the back (and his foot actually)

ChuchoXotic EP Booster

Chucho says this is THE boost to have – super small and essential. Though he claims to have a pedal board, I have never seen this dog play an electric.

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