Jim Baggett’s First Guitar Reappears!

Jim (left) & buddy Caz (right) with Jim's first guitar creation from 1977

In know I’ve said it before, but it’s true – you just never know what’s going to walk in the door here at Mass St. Music and yesterday was a great example. Caz Loth, former Lawrencian now living in Nashville, came by to say hi to his old buddy Jim Baggett (our esteemed boss) and he happened to bring along a guitar. This guitar was the first one Jim Baggett ever made, back in 1977.  It still sounds really great, has some beautiful finish crazing and a very simple label inside with Jim’s signature. This is one of only 5 that Jim constructed.  Thanks Caz for stopping by with the show and tell!

Caz shows off his "Baggett dread" from '77

Signed label complete with water stains from the sweat of Jim's brow. Kidding.

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