Eastman Acoustics In Action

Adirondack top, Mahogany back and sides, under $1000. Easily one of the best deals around.

If you’ve been following our blog for a while or checked out our store site, you’re already are hip to the fact that we love Eastman Acoustics for their great value (flattops are under $1,000) and exceptional build quality. It’s not a stretch to say that almost everyone in the store has purchased one. These are seriously good buys, made by folks who know what they’re doing and most of all, they sound fantastic. As John points out, they won’t take the place of a top notch Collings, but they are incredible instruments at unbelievably reasonable prices. We just received a few new ones in the store and thought you might like to know why we personally love and purchase these guitars for ourselves too.  Our staff, on their own Eastmans:

John Flynn on his AC312CE: Well, after owning and playing my Eastman AC312ce for a couple months I have to say (CLICK ‘Continue Reading’ below to read more of our Eastman kudos–>). that I am totally shocked by this guitar. Tonally it is absolutely fantastic. Rich, but still very clear and extremely dynamic. Playability is exceptional as well. This guitar has to be a serious contender for the player looking for an outstanding value in the under $1000 price point. Will this replace my 24 year old Collings OM-1?  No, that guitar has aged to acoustic perfection, but I will say that should I break a string live I have no reservations about picking up the Eastman. Granted, I do use this guitar predominately as a live instrument but I feel it would record beautifully and plan to use it on a project we are working on at The Art House. It’s also just a great guitar to sit on the couch with.

Jason Jones on his Eastman E10D: “This E10D is an absolutely amazing guitar for the money. Far and away one of the best sounding guitar under $1000.”

Matthew Khomsi on his AC320CE (he also bought an AC312!): “I love this guitar so much I bought one myself. It is one of the very best sounding acoustics for under $1K. If you want to upgrade your acoustic and what you want is an amazing sounding/feeling guitar, where you aren’t concerned about logos, get an Eastman.”

Brian Soden on his AC312: I bought an AC312 (without cutaway or pickup) and it’s been such a joy to play. There are a ton of guitars that come and go, but this one will be with me for a while! I also like the cutaway version, the AC312CE…the Fishman pickup system on the CE makes it an incredibly great guitar for live performance.”

Matt Christenot on his Eastman E10OM: “I couldn’t say no – it’s  just a great value with fantastic sound.”

In addition to the flattops, we also carry Eastman Archtops, mandos and occasionally stand up basses too.

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