New Fretboard Journal arriving any day!


Folks – super excited about the new summer issue of Fretboard Journal which is arriving in the store any day – this issue has the great Dave Rawlings on the cover and a great interview with him. Also Jethro Burns of Homer &¬† Jethro fame (infamy?), King Sunny Ade, a great profile on Huss & Dalton, a really nice look inside Gene ‘B-Bender’ Parson’s world, the unique luthiery of Allan Beardsell and a heck of a lot more – including all the great¬† photos they always deliver. I got a sneak peek at the issue and it’s one of their best. Keep an eye on the back ad pages for our first ad in Fretboard this issue – we love the magazine and are really proud to support them as an advertiser.

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