Eric Mardis – The Good, the Bad and the Ugly

Eric rockin' the banjo

Eric rockin' the banjo

We’re sorry to bid adieu to our great  Mass St. Music compadre Eric Mardis, who worked here for several great years.  The Good? He’s still playing with the exceptional Split Lip Rayfield. The Bad? He’s not working here at the store anymore (though he may make a few guest appearances and get roped into teaching a workshop or two). The Ugly? Have you ever seen him after his favorite lunch of General Tso’s Chicken? It’s not pretty.

The best news though is that this melodic maniac is now giving guitar and banjo lessons in the Arthouse Recording Studio building at 912 Illinois. That’s right…a little Deliverance? Done. Thin Lizzy? Check.  Earl Scruggs? Of course. You can reach him directly at 785-840-8530.  Very best to you Eric!

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