Best Music Gear of 2009!

Everyone throws out their top ten lists this time of year and we thought you might like to know what our absolute favorites were that came through Mass Street Music this year.  The Intelli Tuner took the tuning world by storm with it’s accuracy, very small size, great price and incredible light that can illuminate your view in the woods on a dark night, the Lava cables really seemed to make a difference and we love both the locally made straps, the Anthology and the Jaykco), but here are 10 of the super standouts (in no particular order) – some are still here in the store and some are long gone, making someone very happy in ’09. Cheers.

This Grosh EJ Special turned several employees' heads

This Grosh EJ Special turned several employees' heads

Gold Tone Banjos – Eric M. (More on the way!)

Dr. Z Jaz 20/40 – “I never thought I would consider replacing my Prescription ES but this amp is so good and really usable in so many different settings.” – John F. (We have another of these on the way)

Collings Winfield CWMA – Mike H., Shop Manager

Dr. Z BrakeLite! – Matthew K.

Collings OM1 Mahogany – This guitar was my absolute favorite for the year of 2009.  I think it was everybody else’s favorite too…I’m sure you understand why!  Yowzer! – Brian S. (Like an all Mahogany? Check out another great Collings Mahogany in stock, the C10 Mahogany)

Grosh Reserve PlexiT Hollow – Just might be the world’s coolest guitar.  – Isaac F.

Leslie G27 1×12 Guitar Speaker Cab! – WOOOOOOOOOoooo!! – Jason J.

Grosh EJ Special – “Perfect and a real rocker. Think we all hankered for this one.” Anne T., Matt H.

Eastman Flattop AC Acoustics – “Outstanding guitars and killer value.” – Matt C.

Beatles picks! – “Cool designs, great for chewing on too. Woof.” – Chucho (we’ll add these to the website as soon as we get a new batch in).

Runner ups we love too…the Suefs!, the EP Booster, the Yamaha JR1

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