Winterize Your Acoustic Guitar- Humidify or Bust!

Whether you just purchased your first acoustic guitar or are playing your favorite from long ago, you’ll want to be sure you’ve got your acoustic humidified for the fall and winter. Why? Once the heat goes on in your home and the air becomes more dry, your guitar will need a little TLC so it doesn’t lose natural moisture in the wood.  If you don’t, your bridge could pull up on its own, and your top, sides or back could even develop a crack. The shop sees this sort of thing too often in the wintertime, so take a moment and make sure you’ve got a humidifier for your guitar. They are inexpensive, easy to use, and one of the best things you can do for your guitar.

Kyser Acoustic Humidifier...priceless protection

Kyser Acoustic Humidifier...priceless protection

We’ve tried several brands and offer a few different ones here in the store, but truth be told, we like the Kyser Humidifier best – it’s affordable and so simple to use. How do you use it? First, make sure you have the right one – if you have a regular acoustic 6 or 12 string, you’ll need the Kyser Acoustic Humidifier. If you have a classical guitar, or a similar guitar with a smaller soundhole, you’ll need the Kyser Classical Humidifier.

Straight out of the package, it looks a bit like a hockey puck. Remove the hard plastic ring and toss it – it just holds the shape in the package.  (Uh, sorry to be so p.c., but please give it a quick cut so the darned baby seals won’t wear it like a necklace in 5 years – thanks). Now, pull the sponge out of the hockey puck, wet it thoroughly, then squeeze it til it no longer drips. Put it back in the humidifier ‘puck’, wipe that dry. Then just slide the whole thing under the strings into the soundhole with the holes facing down into the guitar. For the humidifier to work, you need to have your acoustic in its case when you’re not playing it.  Check the humidifier weekly til you figure out a routine, but rewet the sponge whenever it becomes dry and hard. It will really depend on the heat and air in your home or studio. Come Spring, just stash it away til next fall. Next to a case or insurance, a humidifier is the very best thing you can do for your acoustic guitar.

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