The Perfect Guitar? John takes on the Grosh DG-293 Full Hollow Set Neck

The Grosh 293 Full Hollow - The Perfect Guitar?

The Grosh 293 Full Hollow - The Perfect Guitar?

What a guitar! This Grosh DG-293 may be the most responsive instrument we’ve ever had here at Mass Street.  If you love dynamics,  and aren’t afraid to play an instrument that hides nothing, this is the one.  It would be hard to find another instrument that will give what this guitar gives.  It can go from extremely  delicate to flat-out intense with ease. It’s just as versatile stylistically – a seriously great jazz, fusion, or rock guitar.

What about feedback? Yes, it is a full hollow, however if you’re doing gigs where you play moderately loud, but not Metallica volumes, it’s surprising the volume levels you can get. It does go into harmonic feedback more easily than most at medium loud levels, but to me that’s an asset.

Ok, I know it’s not suppose to matter, but on top of all that, this thing looks incredible. It’s perfectly finished and plays like butta. Yes, this is a more expensive instrument but when compared with the competition, it is less than most and if you compare it to a new 335 – OK, there is no comparison.

This guitar should be a strong consideration for anyone looking for the perfect guitar. – John Flynn

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