John’s Seuf Tele 12 String – Unbelievable Relic Job, Fantastic Guitar

(NOTE 2012: Seuf Guitars series are now called OH for Old Hand. Originally they were named OF and SF series, but changed due to name copyright issues). Here our owner John Flynn talks about one of his favorite Seufs:

It took a few months but it was well worth the wait…

John's OF-20 12 String!

John’s OF-20 12 String!

I had the idea for this 12 string electric quite a while back and really wanted the relic thing so I asked Dave Seuferling if he was interested in making one for me.  He was into it from day one – and when I say into it, I mean into it.

Dave is absolutely incredible when it comes to relic guitars, the best we have ever seen.  And this Seuf Tele 12 String is quite simply amazing.  His attention to detail and authenticity is unparalleled in our opinion.  He is also genuinely concerned with every piece of wood and hardware on the guitar.  He selects nice, respectably light bodies that are resonant and alive. The neck pocket and neck are tightly assembled, to create a nice one-piece tone.  His fretwork and final finish are top notch and he went the extra mile to make certain this guitar played absolutely perfectly –  which it does.  It is quite seriously effortless to play.

Seuf Guitars are relatively new to the scene, but I honestly believe as he can produce more instruments he will become a go-to guy in this market.  His work is of the highest level and this one is a striking example of his talent. – John Flynn

Take a look at the  Seuf OF-19, strat style, currently in stock and check out how a Seuf Tele stacked up against a real vintage ’58 Fender Tele and a Fender Roadworn in our ‘Relic Battle Royale’ from a few months ago.

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