Late ’30s National Duolian – The boss snagged it first

Our good friend “Consignment Guy” brought some instruments in yesterday and this ’36-’37-ish National Duolian caught my eye. It also caught the eye of the boss, Jim Baggett, who snapped it up before it hit the sales floor. Here’s a couple pics and what he has to say about his new toy.

Well loved Duolian

Well loved Duolian

“This is a really cool guitar with a chunky, very straight neck – 14 fret neck, rolled F holes. The paint is worn and chipped all over, but it’s not dented. Has ‘the’ look, and even better the sound. Very lively and responsive to the right hand with a much better dynamic range than most. I just keep it by my desk and play it. It’s just one of those guitars that’s eager to please. I’ve played it for two days and realized that I haven’t touched the tuners. Really fun!” – Jim Baggett

The other consignment goodies including a lefty Les Paul Custom and a Gibson L-48 will be posted on site later today.


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