Fender Prices Increasing March 1st

Sad, but true. Fender has raised prices across the board and all retailers are to have new pricing in place as of March 1st or heads will roll. A few items are only going up by a penny (eh?), while others are increasing by as much as a couple hundred bucks. Seriously. Not an increase, a jump. Let’s face it, times is tough. So, if you’ve been thinking about a Standard Mexi or an American Tele or even a Squier Classic Vibe, I’d encourage you to get it together before March 1st. Here’s a link to our Fender guitars, Fender basses, and Fender amps at Mass Street, at the old-timey prices til the axe falls on the 1st.

Fender Special Run 'Western Tele'

Fender Special Run 'Western Tele'

Now, how about some good news from Fender? Ok, how about a Fender Special Run ‘Western Telecaster’ – this is very cool tele that we’re expecting in any day. Ash body with slightly trans white blonde finish, Texas Tele pickups and a 4-way switch much like the Custom Designed 50s Tele. Only 250 made.

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