Collings I-35 Reviewed

This Collings I-35 is an extraordinary instrument.  I know, all Collings guitars are spectacular, but this one is, in my estimation, absolutely perfect.

Collings I-35 in Tobacco Burst

Collings I-35 in Tobacco Burst

The weight is just right.  It really feels more like you’re playing an older instrument. It plays perfectly and is ridiculously in-tune. It has that vintage 335 resonance, which has a distinct midrange vibe, but the Collings has a much nicer low end and the sweetest top end.  It’s not correct to say its like a 335 on steroids. It’s more like a fine vintage instrument that is sweetly enhanced.

I don’t know if I even need to mention the plugged-in tone. When it’s this acoustically perfect, you would have to have some lame electronics to mess it up and that’s not going to happen with Collings. These Lollar humbuckers are perfect for this guitar – a bit hotter than a traditional pickup but still have that full frequency tone.

I have played and sold a lot of I-35s . I own and play one myself on a regular basis. I love mine but I must say, this one is better. Also, personal preference, but I just love the look of the standard. Simpler and yet still gorgeous. This one just begs to be played instead of protected. It simply can not get any better than this.  -John Flynn

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