Boss TU-80 and Planet Waves Tuner Metronome go head to head

Planet Waves Metronome Tuner

Planet Waves Metronome and Tuner

A tuner/metronome is a pretty standard (and dang handy) device, but we just got a new type in today and thought we’d have a throwdown. Today we’re pitting the Boss TU-80 against the Planet Waves Metronome Tuner. For the sake of a fair review I’ve broken it down into four categories: tuner, metronome, physical construction and price. Let’s throw them in the ring and see who comes out on top.

The Boss wins in this category. Its needle display is accurate and easy to read. It even beeps to notify you that you’re right on pitch. The decision to use bars rather than a needle makes the Planet Waves somewhat harder to read, but still very accurate.

Here is where the Planet Waves wins out hands-down. Neither metronome is extremely flexible, offering few time signatures, nor is either very loud. However, the Planet Waves unit offers volume control as well as a headphone jack while the Boss offers neither. Through the headphone jack you can hook into another speaker, amp or sound system. The settings are easier to control as well on the Planet Waves, as you don’t have to scroll through every setting to get to the BPM (Beats per minute) setting like you do on the Boss.


Boss TU-80 Tuner and Metronome

Planet Waves wins this category as well. It’s smaller, more sleek and has a small stand that folds out on the back so it can be set upright on your desk, table or other surface making for much better viewing. It feels sturdy unlike the Boss whose battery wiggles a bit inside. The Planet Waves also has a much bigger display despite being about a 25% smaller unit.

Coming in at$29.99, the Boss takes our final category. The Planet Waves comes in at a slightly pricier $39.99.

Both have advantages, but because of its big display, headphone jack, volume control and sleek design (especially the unfolding desktop stand), I’m favoring the Planet Waves. It succeeds at being a decent tuner and metronome. The Boss is a decent tuner and metronome, and has the great Accu-Pitch beeping when you hit the mark, but the Planet Waves volume control for the metronome is ingenius. Is the Planet Waves worth ten more dollars? Come in and check them out for yourself and decide.

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