The Pitchblack

Last week I finally decided that it was time to bite the bullet and buy a second pedal tuner. Two things led to this decision. For the last several years I’ve been pulling my TU-2 on and off my pedal board when I needed it for acoustic gigs. In recent days, however, through the use of some new George Ls and One Spot power chain, I’ve managed to create a pretty sweet rig. This being the case I grew weary of messing up my board.

Korg's Pitchblack tuner


Secondly, a wah pedal mishap left me feeling as though my TU-2 wasn’t tuning properly. Really, my wah was just engaged and it was causing the pedal to freak out. This led to much confusion and panicking. Feeling let down by my trusty TU-2, I set out on a journey to find a new tuning pedal.

As far as accuracy goes, the Peterson Strobe tuners have a great reputation. They are however, extremely hard to use live. I was looking for something accurate and easy to use. That’s when I stumbled upon the new Pitchblack and Pitchblack Plus from Korg.

With a tolerance of +.1/-.1cents it’s as accurate as the Petersons, but it features both strobe and meter modes for ease of use. Compare that with the accuracy of the TU-2 which is +3/-3 cents. The Pitchblacks also feature true bypass another feature lacking in the TU-2.  This was too good to pass up, so I decided to give it a try. So far, so good. We’ll see how it does live.

So what about my TU-2? Well, it is still in operation, although it’s been moved from the pedal board to the acoustic guitar case. There’s no doubt the TU-2 is an industry work horse and rightfully so. I just decided I give something different a try.

Oh, and I’m havinging Keeley Electronics put an LED light on my wah pedal so I won’t mistakingly leave it on again.

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  1. Anne November 21, 2008 at 9:34 am #

    Matt C liked the Pitchblack so much, he’s ordered some for Mass Street Music stock. They should be arriving any day.

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